Changes in the program of Elbrus Race.


Red Fox company together with Russian Mountaineering Federation conduct Red Fox Elbrus Race festival on May 6-11, 2009. The competition will take place on the Elbrus peak, the highest top of the Europe and the most popular Russian mountain region.

Program includes: high-speed run to the Elbrus Peak, run on the snow-shoes and ski-mountaineering.

6th May
Registration. Glade Azau. Hotel "Vershina".

7th May
Ski-mountaineering. Man's, woman's team race.
14-00 Race opening ceremony. Glade Azau. Continuation of registration.

8th May
High-speed heat to the West Elbrus Peak,.Start: Garabashi, «Bochki», 3700 m.
9th May
Ski-mountaineering. Man's, woman'spersonal race.

10th May
Heat on snow-shoes.
Awarding. Closing ceremony.

High-speed run to the Elbrus Peak. It's unique event for the real sportsmen. The climb to the West Elbrus Peak is one of the world popular runs to the highest summits and mountain Marathon races. The main obstacle is in the mixed race route: snow, ice and great altitude. Reaching the Elbrus peak is not for each climbers. It's the most complex physical-testing lap of the race. Participants: climbers, mountaineers and experienced multisportsmen.

Run on the snow-shoes. The snow-shoes are ideal gear for moving on the snow, that prevents breaking during the race. Besides, it's the best way to get pleasure and enjoy by the nature. The snow-shoes are compatible for different footwear. The first prototypes of snow-shoes were wooden fastenings. Trekking on the snow-shoes is obligatory lap of the winter adventure races. The competition runs are very popular in Europe, especially among the backcountry fanciers.

Ski-mountaineering. Ski-mountaineering is one of the winter active rests. The special emery-papers are fastened to the skis. It prevents slip during the going up. The unique kind of outdoor activity is ski-tour in the canyons with coming down on the snow.

Race terms: May 6 - 11, 2009.

The prize fund of the competitions is 4000$.

Organizers - Red Fox Outdoor Equipment and Russian Mountaineering Federation

Project co-ordinator - Nikolay Dmitrievich Cherniy

Race director - Evgeniy Vladimirovich Kolchanov

The preliminary applications are accepted until 20 April 2009 with obligatory confirmation by e-mail: Moreover, you can appear on competition place.

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