Elbrus region

The Central Caucasus is Mt.Elbrus (with Azau and Cheget ski stations) and about 10 main valleys. The most popular from them among Russian climbers are: Baksan (Adyrsu, Adylsu), Chegem, Bezenghi, Digoria, Tsey (Tsey ski station).

Mt.Elbrus is of two tops: the West is the highest top of 5642m and the East top is of 5621m. Today the usual way for climbing is from the South. It is by car from Terskol village to Azau ski station 2440m, then with ski lifts to Garabashi = Barrels huts 3700m. From there, using a snowcat to Pastukhov Rock 4650m, you climb higher with crampons to the top.

The route from the North is the way of the first ascent to the East top of Elbrus July 22, 1829. Till now it is a wild place, no village and habitants, no hotel and lift, a trip there is more as an expedition. By car from  the last city, Kislovodsk, you arrive to the tent Base Camp at  Hatkhansu (silver spring) Meadow 2300m. Then by foot to Uncle Nick Hut 3760m and higher the Hut a you climb along the glacier slope to the top. All the way from Kislovodsk, Elbrus is well visible permanently.
The ways from East and West are less usual to climb. From East the way goes to the East top from Baksan valley, Elbrus village along the Irik valley. From West, it is the shortest way to the highest West top, close to the hardest Caucasus Face – Kukurtliu. Good reason is to do an acclimatisation program at Uzunkol region.

One of the very interesting solutions for skiing is a traverse from the South to the North. The ascent to the top from the South is easier and descent to the North is much more skiable.

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Elbrus from the North photogallery


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