Kamchatka. Trips on volcanoes, ski-touring on Kamchatka, rafting on Kamchatka.

Kamchatka…The first information appeared over 3 hundred years ago…The way to Kamchatka in that times took more than a year! Even now most people of the world have hardly heard of it. And you – do you know a lot about Kamchatka? If you don’t, could I try to help you?

Kamchatka – it’s something impossible to determine exactly. Up to 1990 it was in the list of regions called “closed” in the USSR, and no one foreigner could step onto this land.

Black beaches along the ocean line, blue ranges pointed with white enamel of snowy peaks, the bears’ paths leading to the heart of this land – it’s surely Kamchatka.

Cones of volcanoes covered with snow until July and, sometimes, even the whole year round, abundant vegetation trying to profit by short summer warmth – it’s Kamchatka as well.

The firework of red volcanic bombs during a night eruption, noisy jumps of bears catching spawning salmon, tundra trees with the size of your palm…

Almost absence of good roads, unsteadiness of the weather, hardly passable volcanic landscape…

Kamchatka is always not the same, every new moment!

Welcome to experience it yourselves!


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