Our company organizes not only active tours, we are also glad to propose sightseeing tours in our favourite city - Saint Petersburg.

Create your own voyage along St Petersburg according to your interests!

The program consists of 7 days and 6 nights. Here we suggest you several hotels to choose and a set of different activities:

1. cultural (museums, palaces, churches, theaters)

2. special cultural (Pushkin, Dostoevskiy, Ahmatova…)

3. author excursions (walks, roofs, velo-trips)

4. domestic (Russian family, romances)

5. activities in the country (treks, velo, rufting)

6. famous nearby places (Valaam, Kiji, Solovki…)

If you wish something out of our set – we’ll be glad to help you in organizing your individual voyage.

1. Cultural: - Hermitage - Brilliant rooms (Hermitage) - Isaak Cathedral - Peter and Paul’s Fortress - Spas na Krovi Cathedral (Our Saviour on The Spilt Blood) - Aurora cruiser - Kasan Cathedral - Yusupov Palace - Stroganov museum - Souvenir sets - Water museum - Ethnographic museum - Female Monastery of St Iowan - Samson Cathedral - Smolnyi Cathedral - Excursion “Cathedral Ring” - Russian museum - Engineer castle - Menshikov’s palace - Konstantin’s palace - Krasin icebreaker - Kazan icon of the Mother of God Cathedral - Kunstkamera - Marble palace - Menshikov’s museum - Summer Park (Peter 1 Summer palace) - Small house of Peter The First

2. Unusual cultural: - Pushkin museum - Dostoevsky museum - Ahmatova museum - Emperor’s porcelain museum - Navy museum - Artilleries museum, e.t.c.

3. Author excursions: - Walking Petersburg - Cycle Petersburg - Roofs of Petersburg - Clubs and bars of Petersburg

4. Celebrations: - One of the most famous celebrations in SPb “Scarlet Sails” - Selebration of the Victory in Poltava Battle, Petergof - Festival of the middle-age “Old Ladoga” - Carnival in Pushkin city - International festival of trumpet players - International Jazz Festival “White Night Swing” - Water excursion “Literary Petersburg”

5. Domestic: - Russian family traditions - Family dinner - Evening of Russian Romance

6. Activities in the country: - Nature of the Russian country (living in dacha near forest and lakes) - Treks - Cycle - Rafting

7. Sights near Petersburg and further: - Pushkin (Katherin’s palace, Amber room) - Petergof - Pavlovsk (Pavel 1 palace) - Kronshtat - “Oreshek” fortress (Slisselburg) - Gatchina - Valaam - Kiji - Solovki - Novgorod - Lake Ladoga

We provide visa support, accommodation in hotels of any level, transfers, excursions, guide assistance, museums and theatre tickets.


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