Mountain guides

Alexey Shoustrov, mountain guide and team leader from 1989.
Foundator of Newroute. More than 30 years climbing experience. Snow Leopard, has Soviet Union and Russia national championships climbing awards. Great experience guiding on Caucasus, Kola Peninsula, Kamchatka, Pamir, Tien-Shan, Himalayas, Kilimanjaro and other places. Outstanding story teller.
Language: English, French
RakaiaKonstantin Zazdravnykh, prefers technical climb and ski-tour. Interests: ice and rock-climbing, ski-tour. Has 10-years of mountaineering and 5-years of guiding experience.
Guiding: climbing, ski-tour, trekking
Region: Altai mountains, Sayani, Caucasus (Elbrus, Adyrsu, Adylsu, Dombay, Bezenghi, Arhyz), Kamchatka, North Tien Shan, Alborz (Iran), Crimea.
Language: English
Alik DemidenkoAlik Demidenko, Elbrus specialist. High climbing experience more than 30 years.
Guiding: climb, trek, ski-tours
Region: Caucasus (Elbrus, Adyrsu, Adylsu, Dombay, Bezenghi, Uzunkol), Pamirs (peak Lenin, Alai, Fanski), Crimea
Language: English
Boris DiakonovBoris Diakonov, living in the Caucasus, he is eager to share his enthusiasm in: summer and winter mountaineering, rock and ice climbing. Boris has accomplished numerous ascents throughout the Caucasus, especially mount Elbrus.
Guiding: mountaineering, rock and ice climbing
Region: Caucasus (Elbrus, Bezenghi, North Ossetia, Adyrsu, Adylsu, Dombay, Arkhyz)
Language: English, Ossetian
Andrey NikiforovAndrey Nikiforov, guide on Kamchatka from 1992, Caucasus.
Guiding: treks, ski-tours, kayak/raft, exploration of volcanoes (look at his photos of volcanoes:  photogallery); Rafting rivers rarely visited;
Totally about 100 far away trips.
Language: English, French
Irina KryzhnenkoIrina Kryzhnenko has 30-years mountaineering and 13 years guiding experience.
Guiding: ski-tour, trekking, climbing.
Region:  Caucasus (Elbrus, Adyrsu, Adylsu, Dombay, Bezenghi, Arhyz), Carpathian mountains and Crimea.
Language: English, German

Anna DrozhzhinaAnna Drozhzhina, has been climbing and mountaineering in Russia, Ex-USSR and around the world since university time, and started to organize expedition since 2009. Interests:rock-climbing, high altitude climbing, travel to remote destinations
Guiding: climbing, ski-tour, trekking, cycling. &
Region: Caucasus (Elbrus, Bezenghi, Arhyz), Altai mountains, Kamchatka, Tadjikystan (Pamir,Fany mountains) Kyrgistan (Tian Shan), Kazakhstan, China (Qionglai Mountains in Western Chin), Georgia (Svanetia), Patagonia (Argentina, Chile), Marocco (Atlas Mountains) 
Language: English, French

mmMaxim Nesvit, guide on Caucasus and Kola Peninsula. 14 years climbing experience.
Guiding: ski-tours, climbs.
Region: Kola Peninsula, Caucasus (Elbrus, Adyrsu, Adylsu, Bezenghi),
Language: English
Victor KomarichevVictor Komarichev, the best ski expert for Adyrsu valley, the only one who knows everything there.
Guiding: ski-tours, trek, climb;
Region: Caucasus (Elbrus, Adyrsu, Adylsu, Arhyz, Dombay, Aksaut, Bezenghi), Kola Peninsula, Pamirs (peak Lenin)
Language: English, German
Igor ZhuravlevIgor Zhuravlev, likes different climb, in preference long snow technical high altitude climbing.
Guiding: climb, trek, ski-tours
Region: Caucasus (Elbrus, Adyrsu, Adylsu, Bezenghi, Uzunkol), Kola Peninsula, Ural, Pamirs (Alai, Aksu, Dugoba), Crimea
Language: English
Alexey TiurinAlexey Tyurin , Technical climbing. High climbing experience more than 30 years.
Guiding: climb, trek
Region: Caucasus (Elbrus, Adyrsu, Adylsu, Dombay, Bezenghi, Yarydag), Pamirs (peak Lenin, Alai, Fanski), Crimea
Language: English
Leonid Kemenov, guide on Altay, Caucasus, Kola Peninsula.
More than 20 years travel and guiding experience.
Guiding: long distance trekkings,  horsraiding,  expeditions, far away destinations.
Language: English
Julia OsadchevaJulia Osadcheva, likes skiing, snowboarding, ice-climbing.  7 years   mountaineering experience  
Guiding: ski-tours, mountaineering, trek.
Region: Nepal, Carpatians, Caucasus (Elbrus, Dombay, Bezenghi, Tsey), Kola Peninsula, Ural, Crimea
Language: English
RakaiaAznaurBadchaev, ski expert of Dombai pist / off pist, trekking guide from the Soviet time.
Guiding: ski-tours, trek
Region:Caucase: Arhyz, Dombai, Aksaut, Marukha, Mukhu valleys
Language: English



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