Kamchatka 14 days. Avachinsky, Koryaksky, Vilyuchinsky, Mutnovsky volcanoes

Price: 1920 €
Period: March-May
Activity: Ski Tour

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day day's programme night meals
1 Arrival at Petropavlovsk (usually SU-825, 09:50). Transfer. Rest. Accommodation at the private apartments Elizovo D
2 With minibus (0,5 hours), then by ratrak (1,5-2 hours) to Avacha camp, 900m. Ski-tour the Camel peak, 1250 m, 3,5-4 hours, 9 km, elevation gain 350 m. Night at the hut. Avacha BLD
3 Ski tour to the foothills of the active cone of Avachinsky volcano, 2000 m, 6-7 hours, 13 km, elev gain 1100 m , descent along northwest slopes. Night at the hut. Avacha BLD
4 Ski tour to the top of Avachinsky volcano, 2741m, 9-10 hours, 17 km, elev gain 1800 m. The last 300m - crampons are necessary. Descent along west - southwest slopes. Night at the hut. Avacha BLD
5 Ski tour to Koryaksky volcano as far as the observation point 2400m,,7-8 hours, 14 km, elev gain 1700 m. Descent along southeast slopes. Night at the hut. Avacha BLD
6 Return to Elizovo with ratrak (a part - with ski) and minibus. Rest. Private apartments Elizovo BLD
7 Minibus (2 hours) to the west Kamchatka. Ski tour to the top of Polovinchik mount, the good point of observation of the west range, 1250m, 6-7 hours, 12 km, elevation gain 1050 m. Visit Malki hot springs, bathing. Return to private apartments. Elizovo  
8 Truck 6x6 to the Paratunka river valley (3-5 hours - depending on the road conditions). Ski-tour on the slopes of Vilyuchinsky volcano (2173 m) as far as rocks 1700 m, 6-7 hours, 12 km, elev gain 1500 m. With truck 6x6 to the hut Nadezhda situated at the same valley. Dormitory accommodation, hot natural basin available Paratunka

9 Ski tour to the top of Babiy Kamen' peak 1150 m, 6-7 hours, 12 km, elevation gain 1050 m. Good point of observation. Return to Elizovo with a truck 6x6. Private apartments Elizovo BLD
10 Bus excursion to Petropavlovsk and Avachinskaya bay. The point of observation. Short walking. Local museum. Visiting fish market. Return to the private flats. Elizovo BLD
11 11 Minibus (1,5 hour) to the west Kamchatka. Ski-tour at the Vachkazhets range, 1250 m, 6-7 hours, 14 km, elevation gain 1100 m. Return to the private flats.  Elizovo BLD
12 Minibus (1 hours) to the west Kamchatka.  Ski-tour to the Skalisty peak, 1200 m, 6 hours, 13 km, elev gain 1100 m. Return to private flats. Elizovo BLD
13 1st option: helicopter to the foothills of Mutnovsky volcano. Ski tour inside the active crater, elevation gain 750 m. Lots of volcanic activity (mud pots, fumaroles, springs). Ski-descent as far as a helicopter. THE EXTRA-PRICE 3100 Euros.
2nd option: minibus to the Pacific ocean, vast beaches of volcanic sand (included).
Evening party at the Russian "dacha".
Elizovo BLD
14 Transfer to the airport. Departure. Elizovo BLD

Quotation includes:

  • All necessary transfers  required for carrying out the trip;
  • Accommodation according to the program ;
  • Full board throughout the trip;
  • NewRoute mountain guide;
  • NewRoute cook;
  • Necessary formality (visa support, passport registration, permits);

Not included:

  • Flight to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatski;
  • Personal expenses;
  • Insurance;
  • Cost of visa;

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